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-a love stronger than death-

Photo by: Danthan Brannon


Giselle is a two act Romantic Ballet, centered around young love.

Act 1

Giselle is a happy young peasant girl who loves to dance but is constantly denied by her mother, who knows she has a weak heart. She finds love with who she believes is a peasant boy (Albretch) but who is really a nobleman only disguised as a peasant. The game keeper who also loves Giselle discovers Albretch's true identity and sets out to show Giselle the truth about her love.  As Giselle discovers the truth she is over come by grief and goes mad, ultimately dying of broken heart.

Act 2

The gamekeeper goes to visit Giselle’s grave and encounters the ghostly Willis, beautiful brides that passed due to broken hearts, where their queen, Myrtha forces the gamekeeper to dance until he dies. Albretch then also visits Giselle’s grave and almost encounters the same fate as the gamekeeper, but is saved by Giselle in her shadowy form. When the sun rises in time to save Albrecht's life  the Willis and Giselle vanish.  Albrecht is left with the love of Giselle in his heart – a love stronger than death.

Leading Roles

Giselle: Heather Mills, returns to stage as the young and in love peasant girl

Albretch: Calder Taylor, in his premiere as the noble-man disguised as a peasnt

Myrtha: Alyssa Taylor, in her premiere as Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis

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